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Haridwar local visit

Haridwar Tour Package
Haridwar tour package provides opportunity to experience the holy river Ganges, sacred bathing ghats, ancient temples, ashrams and various holy rituals by Indian pilgrims.
Haridwar is truly kaleidoscope to culture of India. Haridwar literally means Gateway to God. Haridwar is one of the most famous holy cities in India. Haridwar is widely visited by Hindus
across the world. Hindus from all around the world try to have tour in Haridwar once inlifetime. For Hindu people Haridwar tour means to wash their sins. For some people
Haridwar tour is part of their holy rituals. Groups of pilgrims come through out the year forspiritual tour in Haridwar. Normal tour in Haridwar starts and commemorates with
enchanting sounds of temple bells and hymns of priests. Har Ki Pauri is the major attractionduring Haridwar holidays. In the evening a people perfume worship to goddess Ganga with
earthen lamps, flowers and incense sticks at Har Ki Pauri .


Haridwar local sightseeing

Haridwar Sightseeing Highlights
Chandi Devi Temple (visit by ropeway)
Mansa Devi Temple (visit by ropeway)
Daksha Shiva Temple(shivas marriage place)
Shanti Kunj Gyatri Ashram
Bharat Mata Temple
Pawan Dham
Harihar Ashram